How much can you charge?

The cheaper you list your place the more likely you are to get it rented.

But as a general rule of thumb, per month: garages are $200/$300, rooms are $100/$150 and sheds can make around $100.

How much does MatesPlace charge?

We charge a 10% flat rate, which is added to your price when you list your place.
This fee helps us run the site and provide you with assistance when you may need it. It also goes towards advertising your place and providing an insurance service.

How do I list my place?

Sign up – list your place – accept an offer.

Can I get my storage space back if I need?

Of-course you can

Hosts can cancel with a 4-week notice to renters so they have time to organise and move their goods

How do I know my place will be used appropriately?

Renters are provided with guidelines as to what they can or can’t store. It is prohibited to store any of the following items to insure the safety and security of the host: harmful/flammable/explosive/illegal/dangerous goods or items.
If any issues may arise regarding these items they will be reported to the appropriate authorities and you may be held accountable.