Privacy Policy

At Mates Place Storage (we, us, I) we take the protection of your personal information and your privacy very seriously. We to the best of our abilities have formulated this privacy policy in accordance with Australian privacy policies. We understand when you are either renting or hosting through us, you re providing us with private and personal information. We understand because we are also part of this community, and we promise to continue to update our policy to reflect your and all applicable legal needs.

Here is our privacy policy to put your mind to ease.


By using our services you consent to the following;

When we are talking about your personal information we are referring to; name, date of birth, address, account details, driver’s licence number, passport number, occupation, and any other information we may need to adequately identify you.

These are the only reasons we will ask for your information;

  1. to receive information about our services;
  2. to assist your storage/parking needs;
  3. to provide you with any documents, update your records or other information you may require;
  4. to respond to your storage booking or other request or inquiry;
  5. to supply you with our products and services;
  6. for purposes of direct marketing or to send marketing materials about our products and services; or
  7. as a result of your use of the Website, when you make enquiries with us.
  8. to resolve or aid in the resolution in a an issue or dispute related to the use of our website/services

Where your information is stored;

  • 100% of your information is stored electronically, in secure servers. There may be hard copies made from that information, for use in regards to either renting/hosting/solving disputes but only after email notification, via your provided email address.
  • All information in regards to Payment (credit/debit card, bank accounts) is stored only by us and specialist payment gateways, and only used for things you have agreed to (electronically/hard copy).

How we use your information;

  1. to recommend or provide you with storage products and services;
  2. carry out account management, planning, product development, research and analysis;
  3. to make offers regarding new products and services;
  4. to customise and improve the Website and our related products and services offered to you; or
  5. as data (that does not include your personal information) about your feedback regarding our services for research and marketing purposes.

Disclosure of Personal Information We may disclose your personal information:

  1. only when you have provided us consent to do so;
  2. to direct marketing providers or research companies;
  3. to third parties who act on our behalf to carry out business activities;
  4. where we are authorised to do so by law; or
  5. to investors, agents or advisers, or any entity that has an interest in our business.

Before anyone uses your information be sure that we will take reasonable steps to make sure;

  1. the person or organisation also has a commitment to protecting your personal information by having a privacy policy to protect your interests; or
  2. you have consented to us making the disclosure.


Although we do our level best to keep all your data and information secure, there are possibilities of a breach; in such a case we will do our best to notify, alert you of the breach. We will also do our best fix/amend/rectify the issue or situation which may have occurred.


You are able to access your information at any time for the purposes of removing/altering/updating it via our website, alternatively if there any other issues you can contact us directly to resolve the issue.

We aim to follow the Australian privacy policies and the Privacy Amendment Act 2012, along with the Privacy Act 1988. If you notice any inconsistencies with our policy and the above mentioned laws please inform us, as we aim to implement it as best we can.