Is mates place safe?
  • We check hosts for the information they have provided and make sure they are being honest
  • We have public liability insurance
  • Some hosts will go further and provide police checks and references to put your mind to ease.
Is my stuff secure at a mates place?
  • Mates will provide you with security information about their place.
    • If and how many locks they have
    • If they have cctv
    • If there is any other security measures
    • Insurance is available to be added for further peace of mind
    • We have public liability insurance .

We also advise not to store irreplaceable/precious/valuable items in case of a worst-case scenario were the items could be stolen or damaged.

How do I use Mates place ?
  • Make a booking via the website
  • Confirm and pay for your booking
  • Organise a time with your mate to store your things or park your car.
  • Store your goods or park your car.
What can I store at a Mates Place ?

As general rule of thumb only store things you would be comfortable storing yourself.

  • Clothing and general personal effects
  • Furniture
  • Car (if you are using a parking space or garage)
  • No harmful/flammable/explosive/illegal/dangerous goods or items. Any such matters will be reported to the appropriate authorities and you may be held accountable.